Jinja Encounters: What Does Jinja Feel Like?


Late as usual and driving to record a single to give to our new friends and fans at the upcoming Nyege Nyege Festival, our front man Ab is wondering what’s with Jinja that makes it seem like the coolest place you’ve never been to.“When my friends first asked me to go to Jinja i was like, what the hell is that?” He quips in regret for missing the trip because “the pictures they sent back were just whoaaa!!”

The first time I heard about Jinja, I must have been 7 years old. My grandmothers had fond memories of the precolonial town. In their early days as little girls, they took several trips and sabbaticals there as traders. The Nile, The Indians and The Kabaka seemed to be on top of their nostalgic banter among china, clothes and bicycles-the items they traded in.

When I finally set foot in that calm dreamy town still beautifully draped in indigenous fauna and illuminated by the sun’s glorious rays splitting in a gazzilion directions from the fresh Nile waters, i was 27 years old. Lost in its actual streets, interacting with its elements and people, i wondered if my perceptions and what i felt marched any of my ancestors’ when they first came here.

But these emotions are unique to everyone that goes to Jinja. As we rave towards the second installation of the NU Party Bus, I’m excited and inspired by KMRU‘s Jinja Encounters– two pieces of sound production he created as an attempt to capture the vibes of his visit to The Source Of The Nile.

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