Weekend Playlist

courtesy of Suraj

Weekends should mostly be about yourself, that’s why we make bombass playlists for your groovy nourishment. This here below is a fire playlist comprising some fresh artists we’ve been lately jamming to. You know the drill, music is best enjoyed with the public so keep sharing 😉


If you want to LOL so hard, just subscribe to Swahiligal. She’s so funny and gives Nairobians a well deserved roast 😀

Third Hand Music

Just perusing through their catalog, one can tell that these three young dudes are going places. Their versatility in style and captivating performances make them one of our most promising acts.

Mr Lu

Mr Lu is the kind of guy who celebrates his birthday by giving gifts instead of expecting them. Or what do you call a surprise four track EP on his birthday 22nd? This is not just an EP, its a modern classic that features  postmodern classics.


There’s a new indie band in town and they aren’t playing games. Brace yourself to embrace them because these vibes are irresistible.


Ruby epitomizes sonic sensuality so much that your ears drool. On this new track featuring Ayoti, she rapsings about lies and feels.


This guy is one of the best to be discovered yet. Spend extra time on his Soundcloud and you’ll know why.


I swear Solvation can put you in a trance. Here’s is a mix from the first day we ever saw him play three years ago.


Suraj is a force to reckon with. His vibes are grooves on spiritual steroids. Keep your ears open and eyes focused on the big stages because he’s about to blow real big. Here’s a recent mix he did on Madorahindahouse.

Sanctified To Oblivion

These boys have been building little known masses of EDM in the shadows for a couple of years. This progressive mix is just yet another of their experiential curations.