The Nest Collective is one of the bravest of our time.

Each production they do never fails to face us against ourselves for serious self analysis. Tuko Macho – now on its third episode, is a continuing Nairobi story and it’s dark as it should be because that’s how it is.

We generally lack a history of trust in our justice system due to how zealously it gets on some cases while being wonderfully blind on others.

While turning grassroots people into blood thirsty machete wielding vermins, it turns us urban folk into ruthless juries who pass harsh digital penalties from electronic benches. But in a classic Kenyan style, it turns out that eliminating a few entry level thieves isn’t much of a solution because their chosen means of survival are just bi products of a grand crime like the rest of all our common silent sufferings.

The idea of an online vigilante is intriguing because just like in a traditional mob justice situations, reason becomes diminished resulting to unexpected outcomes but that’s a very good Nairobi theme. In this case it’s proudly brought to you by the authority’s congenital deafness to the Watuz (ordinary people)

The cinematography in this series is superb in my eyes. I even like how subtly they just do things for aesthetic purposes other than the traditional rule reasons.

One of the best observations on Tuko Macho is the kind of reality it offers. They have shaded the stereotype on cops. Here they are not the law but rather breaking it against their own will. And considering that there is a vigilante group, they may just end up in the video room with a black veil on their heads. They also don’t have that GIJANA UNATHOGA WAPI vibe which is a pain reliever from most Kenyan films.

The detective’s contemplations make you look at people like differently. You realize that they’re not only aware of how much they are loathed, but they also have a semi true reason – WE HATE THAT THEY SEE US IN OUR WORST TIMES.

Finally, I don’t know why that voting blog is so rusty and gruesome but you’ve got to love this production.

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Episode 1.

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