Thinking about you as I walk through the streets of Nairobi,
I’m smiling, even more than when I’m enjoying my favorite hobby,
Singing love songs in my head, I can’t wait to go to bed, and dream of you 😉

I have to stop this [don’t really want to..],
I look like I’m mad.. talking to myself,
I’m actually talking to you but the conversation is in my head ..I’m telling you everything :[]

..if you read this you may feel kind of sad, for me, talking to a girl in my head..
But don’t be, because she’s real [is she ‘:?, how can I doubt myself!”‘:;/?]
..she is, I may have a brilliant one but I’m not from “a brilliant mind”, if you’re feeling sad feel sad for yourself, because you’re not experiencing this,
..this madness that feels so so sweet,
Love ‘:/’s too amazing! And I finally get to experience it!
That’s why I don’t care how I look walking down the street with a smirk like this on my face,

Yellow streetlights that didn’t need to be in the previous hour’s boulevard,
Crescent moon light’s the mysterious night skys,
I need to be on top of one of our building to properly enjoy the constellation,
Escape the music of the noisy night life..

The real stars still shine bright, enough to still illuminate Nairobi..
So I’m happy with my smirk, just let me be :+]

By e_Kimani

Hopelessly romantic writer person who is often mistaken for sad, because depth sort of rhymes with death.. over thinker who loves love and has too much faith in people and their humanity.

“I love art, I feed on it hence I give back…”

Creative who refuses to be aware of impossibilities, only sees limitations which will be overcome if we refuses to be bared by the obstacles that always stand ahead.

Goes by ‘Impossible is a word found only in the dictionary of fools.’ Napoleon Bonaparte

‘Impossible is only a limitation’