The Gathering – Why You Need To Come


Happening on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 at The Alchemist. 2pm-5pm

Do you know the size of this thing?

The actual movement of creative energy (not the tag) ?
If you are making awesome stuff – you are part of that energy. So come share what you do!

If you’re wondering whether to come to this or if it’s meant for you? There’s only one criteria; Are you any kind of creative, making awesome stuff? Then come!

The scene in NRB is like a jigsaw .

Some of the pieces we know, many we don’t. The thing that singlely qualifies anyone to be a part of the jigsaw is that they are creating awesome stuff. No-one yet knows what this jigsaw looks like, who all the ‘you’s’ are, who are the missing pieces, what the whole thing looks like.
The Gathering is about exactly that – how many jigsaw pieces are there and what are they doing – is it 50, 100, 1000?
Come – be a missing piece or a known piece – every piece counts just the same.