The Events Kahuna Weekend Recap: Film, Reggae, Fashion & Design in Nairobi

Nairobi Underground The Events Kahuna Recap – This is How Redsan's 'The Baddest' Album Launch Went Down
The Events Kahuna, Vincent Libosso is always a man about Nairobi events and this weekend was a busy one for the writer!
Wednesday, 10th October
My home-girl Eva invited me to the French Film Festival at Alliance Francaise. The festival witnesses a screening selection of the smartphone film competition entries before the main French film. We watched ‘Jalouse,’ a film on a divorced teacher who suddenly becomes jealous of everyone, including her daughter, friends and neighbors.We grabbed some amazing meat skewers, fries and wine at La Belle Époque French Restaurant at the same venue. The nostalgic interior decor and add the main fact that they have a functioning gramophone in today’s Nairobi, our glory days were re-lived!

Saturday, 13th October
 We joined Nairobi creatives at Pawa254 looking for bold, bright ideas to tackle local energy issues in five metropoles around the world, including Nairobi, with a focus at creative solutions to rethink eating in the city.  The Clean Energy Jam is an active event divided in four parts: Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation and Pitching before a panel of experts. Each part is enriched with tips and tricks and creative exercises. Participants are supported by a group of experts and will have research and development material at their disposal.
The mighty Gravitti reggae band took the stage at the Alchemist Bar in the afternoon. Their voices boomed through the speakers summing up the reaction they have elicited over the years.
It was soulful, energetic and charismatic.
Black Sugar Africa picked Chester House on Koinange street to launch their new shop and collection of both male and female designed attires, ranging from sport wear to evening wear.