Tetu's Remix Challenge

How does one stay connected with the heartbeat of the city? The problem isn’t that there aren’t talented producers in Nairobi. The problem is that I can’t rub shoulders with all of them. This is the function of the remix challenge… To bridge the divide between established artists and the gifted unknowns through open source creation

Tetu Shani – Nairobi Singer/Songwriter

Stems can be found on Tetu’s channel here for KE producers who want to have a shot a remixing this track

Original Track – produced by Jinku

The Results

Tetu’s picks

1st : M3

M3’s musicality as a producer shines through in this remix. Most of the other remixes were variations of trap or house but this producer thought outside the box to come up with a fresh rendition of Chemistry that maintains the spirit of the original without compromising his unique creative voice. It has good groove, strong arrangement and can stand alone as its own song.

2nd : Basthma

For the most part, the remixers decided to leave the vocals intact with a few samples here and there. Basthma chopped, sliced and flipped the vocals with impunity and I loved it! He almost had Mayonde speaking in a strange language! He also took the innocence out of the song and turned up the sexual tension making the song almost raunchy. Overall, it was an adventurous approach by Basthma.

3rd : KABI

This remix is stardust. It gives me the imagery of vast open spaces like the movie Interstellar. I only wish that the vocal effects were arranged differently with the high pitched voice only coming in at the chorus instead of during the verses to create a more dramatic effect. I also love the sample of Mayonde’s voice that carries the song in the final section.

4th : Sichangi

The overall production on Sichangi’s remix gives me the feeling of an epic hip hop anthem that is balanced out with ambient sounds of falling rain. His drop makes me wish that I could spit some bars!.. But unfortunately that’s not part of my skill set. 4:03 is my favorite part of the song. The way the producer brings back the full harmonies is an exclamation point in this strong remix.

5th : Namulen

Desolate.. Atmospheric.. Sparse. These are a few of the adjectives that come to mind when I listen to this remix. It sounds like the opening sequence of a short film with its use of ambient sounds (thunder, dripping in a storm drain etc). All these effects make the transition into the actual song at the 2:05 mark very effective because you realize just how warm the acoustic guitar sounds. My only concern is that the idea seems like it was cut short before it was able to articulate itself fully.

Honourable Mention: Crystalyn Media

I happen to love the simplicity of this particular remix. It has a certain innocence and naivete to it like a Disney musical (As an animation addict, that’s a good thing!). The vocal arrangement is very dense and pleasant. As far as creativity on the audio, the producer plays it safe but he was the only remixer to submit a highly entertaining music video as well and for that he gets major bonus points.

The Peoples Choice (results of the voting)

1st : Wamae Music

2nd : M3

3rd : Sichangi

The contenders

Avionix Edit


Mike Muema Deep House Remix

Hendrick Remix

Stuce The Sketch Edit

Crystalyn Media Remix


Hendrick tropical remix




KABI Remix


Illegal thoughts remix

Sichangi: Sincerely Yours Remix

Wamae music Remix

Lectronica circle remix

Crystalyn Media put a YOutube spin on the challenge