“Testimony 1990” – Khaligraph Jones 2018 Album Puts Hip Hop Back on the Radar

“Testimony 1990” – Khaligraph Jones 2018 Album Puts Hip Hop Back on the Radar

The highly anticipated album (dropping June 12, 2018) will put the Hip Hop star in the public eye once more. Will this be the best Hip-Hop album in Kenyan history?

The swanky Blu Ink Corps recording studios in Buruburu is where a majority of the work put in this new album has been happening. The late nights evidenced on most Instagram stories of producers like ZJ Heno bills the tatster of this forthcoming album by Khaligraph Jones, Testimony 1990.

Mention Hip Hop in Kenya and the era of Kalamashaka rings! The trio are considered the godfathers of rap music in Kenya, setting the foundation on which other rappers have built their career, including Jones.

This is an album on which perhaps Khaligraph Jones sets himself up as the conscience of mainstream hip hop. “On this album, am talking the talk bro!” He would say a couple of days back on his interview on HBR 103.5FM.

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Acutely aware of his position, if the viral track listing is anything to go by, the first track off the album is “Blessing”, quite a huge step away from the braggadocio we expect from the self-proclaimed ‘King of hip-hop’ superstar.

“His Name is Freddie Gibbs and He is The Reason For the Delay of My 1st Debut Album Release, After Being Introduced to his Music Not more Than 2 months Ago By @africancastro, All the 15 songs That I had recorded For the Album Went to the trash and I had to Start Writing all over again, am almost done with the recording of the songs (15 songs) that I believe will Make This Album a Classic and The Best Album In Kenyan HipHop History, Ladies and Gentlemen watch out for most Anticipated Album in Kenya right now Titled “#Testimony1990” dropping Very Soon, watch This Space….” Khaligraph wrote.

Stuffed with appearances by special guests, Testimony 1990 features Kenya’s Timmy Blanco, Fena Gitu, South Africa’s K.O, Nigeria’s Mr Eazi and Tanzanian rap duo Rostam. The lineup is rich and audacious.

“Testimony 1990” – Khaligraph Jones 2018 Album Puts Hip Hop Back on the Radar

“Testimony 1990” – Album Tracklist courtesy of The Biggest Kaka

Trashing his first recordings to start afresh, one just must admire King Khali. The impression is a clear testimony—rather than competing with other MCs (he mentioned he challenged them for a rap battle and they chickened out), Khaligraph Jones is driven by a burning desire to outdo himself.