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Saying shit like, “You know times have changed” only makes one seem like they’ve been in a hole the whole time and are just realizing that people moved on with technology and science. Artists and more so the younger ones seem to be in the front row when it comes to this yet they haven’t figured out how to maximize future technology’s potential for their own benefit.

It’s accurate to remind us that social media platforms are not alternatives to traditional media but the actual media now. So when they start charging for adverts and post reach, it’s only a matter of time before you start paying for the number of friends or followers you can have. Remember the days when you could Invite All friends on Facebook? Now you need to hack to do that.

By the same effects, there’s no underground or mainstream as everyone is online now. The underground is that who is not yet online and the mainstream is that who has amassed the biggest following online. Therefore, it’s wise to think about your online life and relations as a young creative.

Facebook Share

Working on this space, one of the most baffling things is when an artists ask you to feature them or their new stuff but don’t even share the post. They just LIKE and leave it there like everyone else. You need to share it, pass it on so more people can also see and share it further. It’s called organic reach so you don’t have to spend money boosting everything you post. Most creatives share all the funny stuff and even more famous artists posts but not their own. You’re fooling and locking yourself out of opportunity by being selfish with your SHARE button.

#HashTags & Tagging

Hashtags are not decorations. They are effective devices of communication and are as useful as an appropriately used emoji. Hashtags can be used to create awareness, for example, we made #NuNairobi by simply hash-tagging it enough times. So choose your hashtag and keep using it, ask your friends to use it, LIKE and SHARE that hashtag many times and soon it will be a household #hashtag.

Networks & Relations

Content creation platforms like magazines, vlogs etc. often exist in order to get your story out there. They toil, and sometimes for free just to make you and your work a little bit more famous. So it’s only human that you reciprocate by engaging them by at least LIKE-ing and SHARE-ring their posts. If you don’t like how they did something, let them know nicely and fast but always try to be in their good books because they will continue making you famous.

Business & Product

Most artists want to make money but don’t behave like businessmen. And this is a big fallacy because how then do you get the clients? They won’t come to look for you because they’re busy making money. So it’s up to you to first acknowledge that you are in business, then brand yourself and that business in an original, appealing and appropriate way. Don’t come looking like your role model because we already know them and we don’t need a bad or poor version of them.

Secondly, create your product well and in the same guidelines; no fakes and no copying, only original, good quality and something that adds value or is worth the clients’ value.


It’s always good to know who buys, will buy or can buy your product. You are in business now, so you can think about ways and means to make yours grow. For beginners, you may not have knowledge or resources to outsource but if you have an idea of what needs to be done, then you can get some of your friends (SQUAD) to come through for you.

You know what’s underground? Running around at night gluing your posters on walls written NO POSTERS!


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