santuriSanturi Safari To Host Workshop For Producers And Musicians

The highly anticipated Airtel Sondeka Festival will as usual bring more than usual to its goers this week all the way up to the 13th. One of the featured acts is Santuri Safari – a platform for experimentation, learning and expression for musicians, DJs, curators, and audio engineers, will be hosting a series of workshops designed to push the boundaries of creativity in the East African region.

According to their official press release, the workshop that is aimed towards empowering young local musicians, DJs and producers will be facilitated by a select team of international music industry professionals including Blinky Bill, Mr Raoul K, Akula Akwabi and Esa Williams.

Since its inception, Santuri Safari hosts workshops and pop-up studios around festivals-an effort that has

“proven really successful – both in terms of fostering new collaborations and developing East African artists outside of the region” according to David Tinning, the Santuri co-founder.

The unit will also host a series of events towards Bayimba Festival in Kampala later this month since they work with festivals all over Africa to link local musicians with global producers.

This year’s Airtel Sondeka Festival will be held at the Arboretum between 11th and 13th of September and it will feature a wide and eclectic selection of performances and crafts from both young and old practitioners.


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