Review – Evolution EP By Hendrick


Evolution is as a healthy listener would say, a well-balanced diet of grooves, melodies and carefully selected and treated electronic sounds. Starting off as a short vocal abstraction of what is appropriately titled as Meme Science, it swells well through diverse and varied landscapes of synths, bass and effects.

Whether a visualizer or a trite listener whose heart melts into the beat, Colours Shifting seems to live up to its name when it gives way to Overt whose fast rising synths break into a heavy electro jam with a funky bass-line only comparable to Bernard Edwards’ disco days. This consequently gives way to Motives that feels more like a continuation but whose motive is seemingly accomplished as soon as it switches gears into the sweet percussion in the beginning and heavily electro compositions of Overload. It’s Baltic violin sounding synths raise a curious awareness of the EP’s eclecticism.

Talking diversity, Evolution is a true and well done example of the future of Kenya’s electronic compositions in the way it compacts sounds, rhythms and various stylistic devices into one fun sonic ride. For example, blindfolded, one would bet that Hendrick is Japanese from all the Wishes this track makes you have of Tokyo.


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