Review-A Day In The Life-Young Haze & Marcus Wi


Who the hell is Young Haze and Marcus Wi? Because we don’t even know either but they evidently have that K-South connection. Sometimes it’s hard not to imagine what would have become of the hood had Doobiez and Bamboo continued as a duo. But the little light they lit is steadily becoming a major flame if the trend we are now witnessing continues as it is.

A Day In The Life is a 15 track compilation by Young Haze and Marcus Wi featuring a host of rappers and singers not at all common in your comfort zones. Similarly, JT and Playmakr is a strange pair of producers, the type you only know about on projects like this.

The overall quality of this compilation is good with each track flexing its own unique vibe on original instrumentals edging not too far from traditional hip hop. 1Play featuring the madly lyrical Somali rapper Ken’Yann boasts an oldschool hip hop groove with oriental guitar riffs before breaking into a more contemporary trappy tracks like Hypnotize and Make A Wish.

The dancehall vibes on Only Son and Wagwan featuring Om’Sakhulu is not any less groovier than the heavily lyrical Vunja Mifupa alongside Scar and Rafiki.

From the poetic intro of Need You to the badbuoyism defiantly displayed on Doobie, thematically, this is a well-armed production as these guys are clearly representing sentiments of an ordinary Nairobi Youth.

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