Pre-lost in Zanzibar- Mbora The Explorer

Mbora on a train

Image source: Evans’ Medium

“A shaman in urban outfits / or none” Mbora

I have a superb love for dope shit. I love great writing, amazing music and most of all when the two combine. Evans Campbell is not your typical author, DJ or producer. To be honest when I first met him I was 100% sure he was an I-Hub keyboard jockey who said ‘algorithm’ and ‘truncate’ in every sentence just to throw off noobs. To this day I still have no idea what he did at that den of innovation, I just know that it probably wasn’t what I’d consider ‘dope-shit’. Not like the journey of self discovery he’s been on.

You can follow that by going to his Facebook page here and his Medium (I suggest you start with Oh My Doys). Oh My Doys is a series I’m almost afraid to finish, the cataloguing of a harrowing and beautiful experience he had in Tanzania. All I have so far is implied conjecture from Facebook posts and the two parts released. However they all got back safe so I have to assume the best.
The whole point of my mini ramble is this, a 3 hour set of beautiful music by him, jinkubeats and  konfusedkenstartine. I beleive I’ve played it nearly four times before going to post. Also I’m sure I heard the original set when they played it here in Kilifi and probably jammed to it. However every attempt at sobriety during the East Africa Soul Train was grossly ignored by myself and all attempt at recollection are once again hampered by living near a bar.
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An eclectic mix of sights, sounds and other sensations that set the scene for a whirlwind of a tour through Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.