NuNairobi Featured On A Fact Magazine Documentary

Copy of NuNairobi Colour-2

Celebrations are in order for Nairobi creatives, especially the musicians. This is after Fact Magazine produced a nice documentary about our scene. Made over a period of just about 6 months, the docu by the British film maker Mia Zipporah features a cross-section of Nairobi creatives – mostly Dj producers and rappers, telling the world about the scene, the dreams and the obstacles both prevailing and overcome.

NuNairobi refers to the fresh creative energy sparked by the Kenyan millenials over the last decade, and propelled through peer-to-peer networks, collaborations and cross-cultural liaisons. A simple yet highly effective method for growth, what makes NuNairobi unique is the fact that it transcends music into other fields and careers. It’s not new therefore to find architects, chefs, writers and many other young professionals who identify as NuNairobi.

The film is beautifully made, capturing scenes from various events and places around the city. Its soundtrack is pure juice led by tracks from some of Nairobi champions including Blinky Bill.

“How can i be NuNairobi if my graphic designer and fashion stylist aren’t?”

As said at the screening, the docu could have been longer but Mia had to squeeze all the Nairojuice into a 20 minute film. Otherwise, it would be rudely inconsiderate not to acknowledge the people who laid the foundations upon which this movement was first actualized. To be honest, this would be no story without the studios, the media platforms, the friendly spaces and the individuals behind them. That list would be long as it includes selfless individuals, collectives and long chapters of #TBT.

That’s whatsup. Enjoy and share this film because #NairoToTheWorld