#NuComedian: Brian Onjoro Doesn’t Write All His Jokes!


#NU: How did you end up in comedy?

BO: It was 2013,I had just done a rap mixtape as a rapper,I wasn’t so bad,and dropped out of school, feeling alone and depressed …when a friend asked me to audition for a TV stand-up comedy show. That’s what i did and killed it on stage…I’ve been doing comedy ever since.

#NU: Whats the purpose of comedy?

Comedy is anarchism. Comedy is a no filter look at humanity…it’s one of the few honest ways to look at and ask questions about the human condition. Comedy if used the right way can be used as a middle finger to oppression.

#NU: Your upcoming show is dubbed #BarelyAdulting, whats that about?

It’s about my disillusionment as a young adult to all the things I had been told would bring me happiness and fulfillment. The challenges, the triumphs, the rebellious attitude, the cynical nihilism and apathy that oft times comes with seeing societies hypocritical contradictions for what they really are. Its about me finding myself as a man while trying to pay the bills…I dig deeper for jokes on this one..my deepest thoughts, fears and insecurities covered in a layer of humor.

#NU: What’s the last thing that made you laugh?

BO: my nephew rapping along to Mask Off…it’s funny seeing a 3 year old go “chase a cheque, never chase a bitch…”..man, my baby nephew is more G than I’ll ever be.

#NU: Are your jokes written before hand, or you just go with the flow?

BO: I always write. There are some that are spontaneous on stage but you have to write. You have to do the work for the magic to come.

#NU: Have you ever had an inappropriate joke moment?

BO: Many times…I once did “I love Airtel” jokes at a Safaricom gig…I am responsible for the “cheap data bundles offer war” that followed. Thank me later.

#NU: Which has been your best show so far?

BO: My best was my last special “Hunger Pangs” last year at creative’s garage. The audience was amazing and the setting was intimate. That gig was the genesis of great things in my career.