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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffler

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Adam's Noise Filta

Adam Kiboi
Adam Kiboi | Photo credit Tint Seh

Remix Culture – and why it’s so important

Over the past few weeks Tetu Shani and Mayondes song Chemistry, produced by Jinku, has been treated to one of the best musical phenomenons #NuNairobi has. The song has been remixed/reworked/refixed by a host of producers whose interpretations have been almost as good as the original. I was chatting with Tetu …

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Nairobi is an ugly city


Nairobi is an ugly city, if you don’t have the money to live in nice villas with lush gardens and big cars. It’s harsh. The rivers are polluted. There are few side walks and too much corruption. Everyone is on the go. It’s a hustler city…

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Tuko Macho : Our True Selfie

tuko macho

The Nest Collective is one of the bravest of our time.

Each production they do never fails to face us against ourselves for serious self analysis. Tuko Macho – now on its third episode is a continuing Nairobi story and its dark as it should be because that’s how it is.

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EA Wave

Photo credit Jebet

We’re frustrated by your ‘festivals’ and ‘counter culture parties’ that are created by non-adherents to counter culture for the same. We’re tired of Baby boomers and Gen-x pop stars trying to forcefully insert themselves into a society that they don’t quite get. This is not to say that Nu Nairobi is limited to millennials, it’s just that if you don’t understand that it’s a culture of appreciation and self expression then maybe it’s just not for you and you should stop pretending it is.

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