#NUReview: ruby debuts her first track as producer



Nurobi could certainly do with more female music producers. That’s why we share Ruby’s excitement as she debuts into the world of production.

Slidin could be a cheeky cheeky title but we refuse to read too much into it. What we can say is that it’s beyond fact that this tune is a real slider. Fully electronic, chimey bells check in just before heavy bass stabs giving it a spacey feel that soon gets layered with smooth but super crystal keyboards.

Ruby creates a lot of dynamics, sweeping in and out, introducing different sounds and elements to create an abstract collage of keyboards, treated voices, claps and electronic sounds to create a whole new sonic universe that only fans the wild fire that is #nunrb.

Now, when not producing, Ruby is an amazing singer whose growing catalogue include works by Sichangi, Blinky, The LAB and several other of NU’s favourite artists. We love you so we’re going to give you a whole playlist that includes Slidin‘ at the top.