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Jebet Naava

jebet naava

Jebet Naava shares her week with #NU on her IG TL

I believe rawness is key

I am a 21-year-old artist using photography as my medium. I use portraiture, particularly self-portraiture, as a way to express aspects of the human condition through my eyes.

One of NRB’s most beautiful IG TL’s

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Beraccah Kisia on her Nairobi

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Hottest 5 Ladies in NRB

The internet is filled with Top five lists of Nairobi’s Hottest women. My list is less traditional in the sense that these individuals have the voices and personalities that always speak to my soul. Trust me you could be cruising your soundcloud, attending a live concert or just on social media and these women will just blow you away with their vibes. The following list is in no particular order and under each name I’ve put why I love these particular women, a recent quote of theirs that I love and a link to their soundcloud streams.

Written by Adam Kiboi

Cyril Peter Otieno and 'the Smallest Library in Africa'


When we speak about us Africans narrating our own stories, it’s always about ‘showing the good side of Africa’. I agree it is essential to do so because of our tainted image by international media, focusing on the negatives of our continent. However, I am not one to bias narratives, the sad fact is that people like Cyril Otieno Peter are hardly highlighted. Peter is a hero to me.

‘The Smallest Library in Africa’ – this is the story of Cyril Peter Otieno,  a visionary who saw an idea when hope seemed lost. With love and passion …

Read the full story in words and images ...

Biko Wesa : Visual Story Teller

biko wesa

As a visual story teller, I’m always in search of stories that are authentic & extraordinary, stories of triumph or the journey to it. This story found me through Peter’s friend, Joanne Gichana; Peter is the founder of the Smallest Library in Africa. After visiting the library, I couldn’t help but feel the obligation to share Peter’s story to the world. One post can’t do justice to Peter’s story but at least I know it will somehow reach people who are willing to help him achieve his dream.

#NU IG VIDS : AKA the Roamings of Ronjey (#NU bossman)