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Turkwel by Namulen


Oh…so few weeks ago.. I went to my aunts traditional wedding.. in Turkana.. It was my first time there in years. So the night before the ceremony. The men in the family stay up all night….drinking and dancing. That’s when I got this idea of recording the chants and yells.. so I can flip it and turn it to a song.

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Turkwel by Namulen

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SurajSURAJ is a DJ & Producer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He creates contemporary electronic music infused with traditional musical and cultural elements.

Wawere : *NEW* release August 2016

Hear what Suraj has to say about his new release:

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Bantu Clan vs Sarabi – Africa Ni Leo (Esa & Nonku Phiri Kaap Mix)

This was originally recorded as part of the East Africa Music Project – Santuri – featured on the Highlife World Series: Uganda with young Kenyan band, Sarabi, and empowering hip-hop outfit from Uganda, Bantu Clan. It also features musicians like Giovanni Kremer, Jude Mugwera, Sandy Soul and Sol – all part of a new breed of talent emerging from East Africa. These new ideas we shared resonated with me, it also allowed me to share this with friends now, but at the time of recording the vocals on this version of ‘Africa Ni Leo’ we had just met and this is the result of our first meeting.

Esa (quote from Stamp the Wax)

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Nilotic Dub by Dread Steppa

Nilotic dub was a track series inspired by my travels to Uganda last year for Nyege Nyege festival. Learning about the various nilotic tribes from fellow musician Binti Afrika inspired me to come back to Kenya and infuse the East African vibe into a deep dubby track ready for the dance floors. There will be 2 more tracks in the series scheduled for release later in the year.

Dread Steppa

Dread Steppa

King of Bass

This and other Dread Steppa tracks are available as free downloads