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The Matatu - NRB nightmare or Icon ?

Nairobi Traffic | Photo credit Joose Digital

Most of the time, I wish no cops interrupt my mathree drive but that doesn’t mean that I’ve never on several occasions wished for a psychotic police officer to show up and cover the driver and his conductor in a calming round of ammunition…

Extract from: How a Matutu driver blew my mind away

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#NU guide to Shenglish

Sheng is the Swahili based slang of the NRB urban youth – shenglish is a ‘one-step-further’ derivative.

Poa – kind of means everything and nothing – if someone speaks at you in Swahili or any other language actually – you can say poa and you will see a reassuring look come over their face that you have understood them (even if you haven’t)

Bae – multisex word for boyrfiend, girlfriend, lover, life partner

Lit – This is good times. When a moment is too good, cool kids say its lit AF.

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Changaa Brewed In Kenyan Slums

The fight against illicit brews is not a new phenomenon in the country; reports of death and images of healthy people turned blind by toxic drinks have been on the media many times before. However, the latest wave of drama was sparked by a series of demonstrations by women from different parts of Central Kenya who pleaded with the government to save them from the deadly …

An extract from: Nacada – did it ever have direction?

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When something is so wrong it becomes right

Kairetu Ka Nairofi is a song that celebrates the beauty of Nairobi and the Kenyan woman from Cartel and Alfayo Miguel of Katenga. The song is a mixture of Mugithi, Benga base and Katenga style drums. Dare you not to smile or tap those feet.


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#NU IG TL Highjack !

Long weekend with Wambui – girl about town!

Wambui Kinyua

Wambui : The UNDRGRND version of a socialite but way cooler – the girl who would rather sleep in a corner than quit n go home.

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