Sheng is the Swahili based slang of the NRB urban youth – shenglish is a ‘one-step-further’ derivative.

Poa – kind of means everything and nothing – if someone speaks at you in Swahili or any other language actually – you can say poa and you will see a reassuring look come over their face that you have understood them (even if you haven’t)

Bae – multisex word for boyrfiend, girlfriend, lover, life partner

Lit – This is good times. When a moment is too good, cool kids say its lit AF.

Squad – This is your inner circle. The one and only team for all kinds of weather.

Jav – This is matatu. It’s also the act of using Javs as in Me I jav to work every day.

Is How? – Means Ni Aje? As in hi!

Form – means plan. Like, what’s the plan, man? But cool kids say form ni gani jo?

Ferrari – means bus fare. Keep saying shit like, Mum, nipatie Ferrari I fika the mall…you might just get the car.

Nangos – is mobile phone. As in Ati you can’t scan, Kwani which nangos do you use?

Dunda – is to fall or to ball. Use in a sentence, Sorry fam,I cant dunda tonight, my heart dunda’d and broke itself.

Ngataa – this is fuel. Use in sentence, You guys buy ngataa and I’ll drive ya’ll to Kampala.

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