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Elsaphan Njora : selfie poetry


Man on a Journey : speaker of extraordinary words.

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Helen Lang'at

Dissecting the Crush by Helen Lang’at

Happiness is always temporary. Even temporal. But he plotted this particular descent into madness. How can you be a vessel that is only filled by a man’s gaze and then emptied the moment it leaves you? A constant state of extremes, I am filled then I am empty. He is blissfully unaware of this power.

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ONDI | Broken Glass

On the topic of the broken pieces of glass on top of the high walls that symbolize the state of insecurity brought about by the glaring inequality in Kenya.

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Social Circles | Labdi

Social circles , acrylic on canvas (145X90) cm

Labdi | Social circles, acrylic on canvas (145X90) cm

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Labdi | Lisztomanic artist/e, who takes pleasure in depicting ideologies that render most people uninvitingly vulnerable.


Tuko Macho web series

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A Web Series from The Nest Collective in partnership with Forum Syd | Starring Tim King’oo, Njambi Koikai and Ibrahim Muchemi | They publish new episodes on their tuko macho website every Thursday at 7:30pm.

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E A Wave goes to Sweden | #NU gets their IG TL | #thegreendoorproject #eawave #bravallafestival

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EA Wave

Thinking about you if you’re feeling sad feel sad for yourself, because you’re not experiencing this,
..this madness that feels so so sweet,
Love ‘:/’s too amazing! And I finally get to experience it!
That’s why I don’t care how I look walking down the street with a smirk like this on my face,

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by e_Kimani

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#NU Left Field : Makadem


Makadem @ Sondeka, Nairobi 2015  |  Photo Credit : Joose Digital

Makadem has been around a long time and his is not the kind of music you’d normally associate with underground. But, (maybe) sadly, roots Kenyan music is underground here. But that’s not the reason we are featuring Makadem – it’s for a lesser known aspect of his work – not the big stage big machine big production but the work that started with Santuri – his dabblings with electronic collaborations. These are truly beautiful – somehow mixing something which in its guts is deeply historically Kenyan with production and mixing which is truly electronic 2016.
Above: Track: High Life World Series (Kenyan) Makadem – Salaam
Below: Uncut video from the Santuri workshops – Makadem laying down some ‘mwwah’ vocals in the makeshift studio with Behr and Esa

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