My Writing Process: M³ Speaks About Meeting Ciano and New Project


M³ (read M-Cubed) is a Kenyan producer, singer, drummer, pianist and god knows what else. He just finished a joint project with Ciano-an EP titled Serve Chilled and he agreed to answer a few questions about it.

Why Serve Chilled?

You know the way they have ‘Served Chilled’ on like drinks and stuff,  but in this case we mean the music is best served to a chilled audience. We chose the title based on how chilled the creation process was going.

How did you and Ciano meet?

Ciano and I met in 2014 when he was at Sauti Academy and I used to play drums for some of the SA students. I actually wanted to work with Ciano on a number of songs at that time, but he said he wasn’t ready. Luckily we always seemed to stay in touch and have always been fans of each other’s work.

What’s your songwriting process like?

My songwriting process can really begin anywhere. Sometimes I could have a melody, drum beat in my head that I quickly record then begin to build ideas from there. Or it could start with chords then add some groovy or slow type bass line then build then percussion section from there. Then once I have a proper idea down, I arrange it in a way that would flow structure wise, at this point new ideas could come in. Then I decide if I’m going to be selfish with the beat and keep if for myself or send it to an artist/singer/songwriter I like.

Mahindi choma or mutura?

Mahindi choma na pili pili

Your favorite musical instrument, why?

My favorite instrument is one that I don’t even play, yet. Bass Guitar !!! Just everything about it: the groovy and rhythm it can add to a song, it can also add some fullness to a track, its tone!