My Take Of 2018: Fox Elijah Talks Lauryn Hill, Schwang Gang, Plays Over 5 Instruments & More


The lovely fellow you may know as Fox Elijah isn’t lying when he says he’s been up to THE MOST. This dude is the Co Founder of Blk Gld Rplk, Guitarist of Crystal Axis, Lead Vocals and Guitarist of ZEBRA, Founder of The ShwangGang, All African Badass, memeber of The Intl Rasta Dynasty. He spared us some time off his grind so we decided to ask him some questions.

1. Who is Fox? Fox is an attitude, slick and cunning, fox is a humble savage…also my grand daddies nickname.

2. How many aliases do you have, what are they? A grip… The Phenom, Alke, Warhol, Fresh Prince, The Ghost, Black, Bob Dylan, Bush Doctor, RAS Nana-Nutz Nananess Foxy (to a few sweethearts) The Cat W/ the Sweater

3. Whats your take of 2018? Its a beautiful year…so much energy, so much creativity, and in Nairobi as well as globally maaaad beautiful music is being made as well. I give thanks to be alive.

4. What have you been up to? The most.

5. Which instruments do you play? I can play over 5 instruments.

6. You sing, rap, produce, what else do you do? I stay Afropunk with Crystal Axis!

7. How do you handle mistakes during a performance? I try to keep going..don’t overthink the little things, and focus on energy.

8. What is the best advice you’ve been given? Stay Gold Ponyboy.

9. Who is your dream collaboration/ why? Lauryn Hill…because she’s my personal hero… she’s my biggest influence.

10. When is your next show/release? Where to find you? Cash me ousside! I’ll let you know whats crackin’