Mondays Are Fine, Its Your Life That Sucks: Heavy Metal Nights and Other Memories


Waking up with a painful neck can be scary because each time it happens, you get a panic thinking that you prolly got too high and lifted weights with your head on Thika Road. But while lying there, kinda not feeling your head now but enjoying the pillow all the same, you remember that you only jumped and mosh’d the whole night last night. At least that’s been my experience since the first time I got into a mosh-pit.

The charitable organization Hardcore Help Foundation held the second edition of This Is Africa Fest at The Alchemist last night. A special night because as the rockheads mosh’d like a feral cyclone, a whole other party was going down in the Bakyard courtesy of Ada Creative Studios. They hosted a jam session graced by the likes of Shappaman, Abakisimba, Maad Orchestra and Shoeshine Boy. A rare night because what stood between heavy metal and ohangla was nothing but a house! It was an awesome experience moving back and forth- always feeling like you’re in an actual Nairobi street because all the different outlets in between the two stages.

I was in a band this time. After five years, Djae came back with a law degree and a new guitar to kick start Crystal Axis. Not everyone came, but a few OGs were there. Technically, the whole ParkingLotGrass came through, Edy Grim of X-FM wanted to kill me at some point for an unfinished business and Dj Tumz of Capital FM played a mean set!

Up on the new deck, Max of RASH wasn’t in a rush as he canoodled with a boob. Meanwhile, a young Muslim girl is stranded at the exit. Her bag, the one with her hijab is lost.

That’s the story I told Njeri Gachuhi when she literally creeped into my bedroom to give me a rude awakening, the type I haven’t experienced since I was 15. The one where your mum just peels the duvet off your body and however upset you are, you can’t do shit.

So we chill with Evans Campbell and Basthma contemplating some of the best moments of youth. Like how however much we find adulting hard, we shall forever appreciate the freedom it comes with because dynamics of living with parents aren’t for anyone.

We have all the time and space we need now but a few years ago, we’d have to condense a whole night’s debauchery into five hours. You leave church at 12pm then go for lunch with family at your cousin’s newly built house in Syokimau. Your friends are squading up and by the time you finally join them, it’s already 3pm. And your curfew is 9pm. Those days everyone knew the value of time. “I saw people get high, get laid, pass out and get back to life and at home by 9pm.” Njeri Gachuhi can make you laugh!

Afterwards, we went to Michael Joseph Centre to see akina Etta Gold perform alongside The Kahawas and Checkmate Mido who also gave me a signed copy of his latest Box-Of-Beats. Tired and full of samosas and mango juice, Evans and i joined YKNL and Bonkerz KE for a short hang before the rain ruined the weekend.

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