Mental Health: These Kenyan Content Creators Speak About Mental Illness


Mental Health is upon us like white on rice. That’s the truth. Its still a big social-no-go-zone but there’s hope as pockets of youth are coming out and speaking about some of the most pressing issues. This here below is a list of some young content creators speaking out about mental health despite the low-key stigma that’s been attached to it.

Big shout out to these guys because they’re are brave for front-lining this course among the youth.

Please add more links so that we help one another help one another <3

Miss Pepper – She interviews depression survivors exploring their personal journeys and experiences.

Aces – The young rapper opens up about his depression, alcoholism and relationship issues in a hard hitting E.P

Sitawa Wafula – On this TED Talk talks about Challenges and Stigma

Sharon Mwangi – Shares personal experience with depression.

Barbz and Bubu – Hold conversation with a friend about her experience.

Where in the world is Tyra Angelita? – Gives fun and easy ideas on how to deal with mood disorders. She’s not Kenyan but she’s cool and speaks interesting things on a common issue while staying in Nairobi so yey!

Karen Lucas – Candidly narrates her own experiences from an early age.

hannah gitau – Gives anecdotes on symptoms, stigma and treatment of mental illness

Tarurî Gatere – Chats about how she deals with her own anxiety

Capital FM Kenya – Capital Campus caught up with University of Nairobi Medical students who organized the first TEDx UON that addressed mental health in Kenya’s campuses.




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