Maad Jikoni And His Maad Orchestra To Be Unveiled In Concert


“Everything is connected”, says Eddie Grey, one of Kenya’s best known jazz guitarists.  “Since the invention of instruments, human beings have been searching for ways to communicate, transform and improve the sound of music. All their imagination has led us to this point where computers are aiding in this communication. In my opinion, electronic music is a 22nd century manifestation of traditional, classical, jazz and other genres mixed into one. Not to be shunned but embraced because it’s the sound of the future.”

The sound of the future is exactly what audiences will be getting on Friday, March 3rd, when for the first time Maad Orchestra – Eddie’s brain child – will come together for a show unlike any other in East Africa.  Performing as his electronic beat maker alter ego Maad Jikoni, Eddie will be joined onstage by his jazz ensemble, an 18-piece orchestra, an LED dancer and some of Kenya’s best vocalists.

Your eyes won’t be left wanting, either, as taking centre stage will be the stunning visuals by Bazil Ngode, who has wowed audiences around the world with his projection mapping and digital art.

Listen to Maad here.

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