Kobe Won An Oscar: Only You Can Stop You


I went to bed harboring bad vibes because someone had pissed on my friends aspiration to be proficient in a second instrument. Then i woke up to reaction videos because Kobe Bryant had won an Oscar while we slept. Yeah, Kobe won an Oscar and people are still congratulating him as i marinate in contemplation trying to figure out why someone would try to stop you from doing you.

There are jokes i don’t take tolerate. The other day an old friend invited me for a jam session. We got into ADA Creative studios and being young musicians with that good old soul, I sat on the keys and my friend who is known to be a keyboardist sat on the drums. A random dude picked the mic and we were just jamming because jamming is the musician’s equivalent of sketching. ION, musicians who cant jam baffle me.

Anyhu, we were having a good time when someone walked into the room with an ugly old stupid joke; “stick to your instrument, LANES MA NIGGA, LANES…YOU’RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF”, he yelled at my friend on the drums. I gave him one look and he walked out. Asshole.

Let me explain. As a kid learning to play the drums, i realized i could also play the bass guitar with much ease. In my group, there used to be this show off who couldn’t play his instrument for shit-yet he owned every version it. One day he told me to stick to my lane (keep playing the drums) and proceeded to give me that Jack of all trades and a master of none bullshit. He was older than me but worse musically, so i refused to take him seriously, but his words affected me either way. I started being self aware around the bass and eventually abandoned my learning arrangements completely. Well I’m still out here shooting for the stars while he withered musically. I never got to be a bassist but I’m glad i can call out his shit and still play whatever i want on the bass. That guy doesn’t play music anymore and I’m going to buy his instruments for good, he doesn’t deserve them.

The point of this rant is to encourage someone not to listen to people who pull them down. Only you can put limits on the thing you can do. So stay woke for dream killers and when you spot one, avoid them before you have your own ambitions dwarfed and turned into jealousy.

We’re in the nu beginnings of an age and no one wants to be weighed down by negative vibes. If you want to learn something new, do it. If you want to be a polymath, do it and don’t ask for permission. Don’t be afraid to live neither should you pretend to be someone you’re not in fear of offending someone. I suggest you go ahead and offend them because then you will upgrade to healthier associations with people who aspire to be more.


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