The #KilifiNewYear Festival Survival Kit

Umoaj cover photo

Umoaj cover photo
Kilifi New Year is the greatest thing that will happen to you annually for the foreseeable future. In order for you to get the full festival experience here’s a checklist for you. We’ve been going to music festivals all over the world for over a decade (some of the team even two). And if it isn’t having the top of your head turning pink at Burning man then it’s waking up on day three of Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda without any painkillers for your pounding headache.

The Basics
Camping Gear dont be that guy asleep in the grass 
A Torch the night is dark and filled with drunkies
A phone power-bank how else will you IG this dope shit?
Bug Spray Mozzies/Mosquitos/Mbu/Muskiet/Moustique
Chairs kickin by the tent with the homies needs chairs
Hammock there’s only one way to properly chill at the coast and that’s suspended in the air
Cooler boxes cold beers anyone?
Ice ice baby
Stereo or music player for Tent Tunes!
Munchies (trail mix, crisps, nuts) there’s a very odd herb that makes people want to eat so much!
Tent locks keep your shit on lock!

BENICÀSSIM, SPAIN - English tourists lie passed out on the grass in the festival site. mishka henner

BENICÀSSIM, SPAIN – English tourists lie passed out on the grass in the festival site.
Mishka Henner

Toiletries and personal supplies

Bath towels, at least one per person and an extra 
Flip flops/ Slippahs

Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap (organic preferably)

Extra toilet paper
Sunscreen sunburn knows no race
Lotion there’s already a burning sculpture leave your ashy skin at home
Hand sanitizer 
Condoms festival sex is the best sex!
A mini first aid/emergency kit (painkillers, band-aids, antiseptic, e-contraceptives) 
Wet-wipes please refer to section on condoms 😛
Ashtrays keep your nasty cigarette butts to yourself mother nature doesn’t need your shit
Trash bags there are bins everywhere but keep your campsite clean!

Glastonbury 2013- Pick up your shit

Glastonbury 2013- Pick up your shit


Party Extras
Hoola Hoops
That funny Moses Kuria mask you made for Halloween-ween
Big ass gazebo tent that can fit your friends and then some

Extras for the Hardcore this shit is literally for hardcore party animals
Lucozade/Any other sports drink
Vitamin C supplements
Oral Rehydration Salts
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