Kenya’s misdirected anger from the real issues.

If I had a choice to choose where I should be born, I would most definitely and proudly choose Kenya.
Kenyans have great energy… most of the time we are good people despite those underlying issues that are becoming harder to ignore, especially with wider access to Internet.

We’ve become a disgruntled, discontent, angry nation, through no fault of our own, but as a result of the state of affairs in the country, particularly the state of the economy, and lay the blame on the failure of our leaders who take choice elective offices for self serving reasons, but also blame a lack of a strategic method to address past injustices.

So now we all have to struggle with the cost of living in Kenya which is very high, yet the salaries are at a snail pace or remain stagnant.

Kenyans are generally very enterprising at every level and when we struggle to make it in life, but see our efforts amount to nothing, then we become frustrated. A frustrated people are not a happy people and unhappy people can not be positive in their views or understanding of most of the issues facing them.

I love my Kenyan brothers and sisters very much, but this constant bile we spew, brew, and sadly generate every chance we get, will destroy or consume us.

Why are we instantly negative towards everything, even when facts show otherwise? What do we have against having a positive outlook on life? I know for sure having a positive outlook on life, is more rewarding and adds more value than the negative outlook…

We are a nation soaked in venom, we wake and go to sleep with negativity down our throats, it’s not healthy at all, no matter how many hours we spend eating healthy or how many hours we spend in the gym, we are poisoning ourselves and those around us with our negative thoughts or rationales.

Negativity, just like positivity has its own ripple effects, so why not try positivity and see how far we go as a nation?

Any progressive nation achieves much more when the rationale of its citizens is generally positive, while never ignoring the injustices around them. To have a positive outlook, does not mean to be ignorant of the facts, even huge negatives, but it simply means that we find a balance and reason with hindsight.

Kenya is bigger than any individual, lets celebrate her, let’s not destroy her through our misguided anger or understanding.

Let’s always remember what our interpretation or understanding can build or destroy, not only us, but also those we care about, let’s revolutionize our thoughts positively.

I’m a strong believer in taking a share of the blame, under most circumstances, and I also understand that our leaders are a product of our own making. If all we do is complain about them, abuse them and insult them, but hardly compliment or commend the few who get the work done, how then can this nation build on the positive attributes of leadership and integrity when there’s no appreciation or recognition of good work when credit is due?

I pray and hope that as Kenyans, we see the good in each other, the good around us and the good in the world in general sooner than later.

When a Kenyan wins in the name of Kenya, be it sports or otherwise… They are Kenyans, and we all celebrate as Kenyans, we forget what communities they come from and unite in joy, that’s the spirit I love most about my country Kenya. We unite in victory, and to defend and guard Kenya jealously whenever we feel attacked, but why don’t we stand united as a people in matters that divide us?

We must wake up to the facts, we are all aware but choose to allow politics and tribal biases to control our hearts.

We are good people, let’s build on the positives and in a collective effort work on the negatives.

Emma Too
Emma Too
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  • Maasai / July 12, 2016

    Great read, once we steer away from generalizing and be realistic with ourselves , we will be good.