Kahvinya: Her Music, Celebrity Crush & Few Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Kahvinya is one of the current offshoots of the dynamic Nairobi creative scene. She first topped private Soundcloud playlists two years ago with her acapella version of Incubator. She has since added more work including an event and some collaborations. Here, she opens up to tell us a bit more about herself and whats popping.

1. Who is Kahvinya?

Kahvinya is an artist, content creator and fitness enthusiast based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Fun facts? I am an Aquarius and i love avocado.

2. Tell us about your journey, How did you get into music?

Mine is a cliche story lol. I started singing when i was a child, in church, in school and at home. I got serious about music when i joined Btec music in Brookhouse back in 2016 where i got exposed to everything about music from the production to the performance part of it. I then got to know Mbogua Mbugua later on, we worked on our first track called Heartbeat and released it.

3. You are a bold champion of women empowerment, from a young person’s perspective, how can we make a safer future for all of us?

Open mindedness, support, experiment, hard work and above all love.

5.Who is your celebrity crush?

KEHLANI plssss! She is just too yummy!

6. Are you good at taking/giving advice?

I would say so! I am always willing to learn and share as well.

7. Cool performance on Kenyafornication, how did that collaboration come about?

It was the most random collaboration to be honest. Fox, a couple of good friends and I were sleeping over at a studio then at a point he started playing some tracks he was working on and we thought why not have a jam session and lay some vocals on the tracks? KenyanFornication was one of them.

8. Who else have you worked with/ who would you like to work with? M2thepower3, Jason Kalinga, Sichangi, Harawa, Mzati, Hookah the traveling monk, among others.

I would love to work with Maia Von Lekow, Wizkid, Erykah Badu, Karun, Kendrick Lamar…the list is almost endless.

9. Any upcoming shows/ releases? Yesss! I am currently working on an Afrobeat EP called Empressive. I am working with McGzay on this one so watch out for that.

10. Favorite quote? Resist nothing.