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Hottest 5 NRB

The internet is filled with Top five lists of Nairobi’s Hottest women. My list is less traditional in the sense that these individuals have voices and personalities that always speak to my soul. Trust me you could be cruising your Soundcloud, attending a live concert or just on social media and these women will just blow you away with their vibes. The following list is in no particular order and under each name I’ve put; why I love these particular women, a recent quote of theirs that I love and a link to their Soundcloud streams.

Prisca Ojwang | Photo source Soundcloud
Prisca Ojwang | Photo source Soundcloud

Remember, you are on the right path.

Conquering foreign lands and shit.

Prisca Ojwang

Prisca’s entire being is so soulful, everything she does is so open and out there that it’s hard to believe anyone can be so honest. Her concert Me Myself and I late last year set a precedent for solo concerts. It was a series of spoken word pieces, narratives and songs that left a mind blown audience trying to figure out how they’d ever survived without her in their lives.

Prisca’s Soundcloud:

Berraccah | photo courtesy Eden Yard
Berraccah | photo courtesy Eden Yard

Sometimes I forget to take time to appreciate where I am, I forget where I’ve come from, I forget that I was a small baby singing made up stories to my stuffed animals. I was born part of the vibrations that make music, and I connect with my divine family through those vibrations.

Berraccah Kisia

To be fair the entire generation of Kisia’s I know are superb artists. When she’s not chilling with her poet, author and photog brother Phillip or with her fashion designer and event curator sister Hephzibah, B is making amazing music with mind blowing bands, giving electrifying live performances or spreading good vibes with a smile that tickles your innards.

Berraccah’s Soundcloud:

Waithera Chege source FB page
Waithera Chege | Photo source FB page

I wrote ‘Awake’ when I was in a period of doubt about my music. I’m now learning to just trust the process, and take things one day at a time.


I really can’t describe Ythera’s quirky and bubbly personality any better than the Lahani page does:
“Ythera is known for her smoky, lilting voice that wafts into the air like sweet fragrance. Her tone is silky smooth, and her coos are the kind that induce autonomous sensory meridian response.”

Ythera’s Soundcloud:

Janice | photo credit Biko Wesa
Janice | photo credit Biko Wesa

Don’t you know me by now? Those are not my worries in life. Hakuna mwanamme eti atanirudisha nyumbani kwa sababu sijampikia. Kwani hajui kupika mwenyewe? Mi siwezi kumrudisha nyumbani pia?

Janice Iche

Janice is the only person on my list not from Nairobi. She’s part of the very small group of underground coast artists I’ve interacted with that resonates with audiences from the coastal region and from big bad Nairobi. She may be small in stature but Janice emanates power both in personal conversation, in her design, online and on stage

Janice Iche’s Soundcloud:

Karun | Photo credit Mufaro
Karun | Photo credit Mufaro

Some people are not ready for how comfortable with my body I am… But I’m not gonna wait for them.It’s hard enough for a woman to feel confident with her body even if when she’s practically “Normal” by society’s standards.


Far beyond being the most crushed over Camp Mulla member years ago, Karun has grown far beyond the pop star she was. I mean sure she’s still popular all over the continent but her music and style has digressed so far from Camp Mulla’s mainstream act that she might as well be a completely different person. Her IG account makes you feel like you’re watching the life of an otherworldly being unfold on your feed and you’re just damn privileged to be able to watch.

Karun’s Soundcloud:

  • @Sir_Runyu / July 18, 2016

    Interesting piece right there, and the site. My pal directed me to it and love what NU is doing, keep up.

  • Modo / October 31, 2016

    I LOVE the fact that I didn’t see the shallow & crass commentary that usually stems from a title of the sort. Bless the direction in which we’r starting to value our women. Great piece!