Dawa Diaries #1 KilifiNYE


Ah, and finally the time of year has arrived again to escape all things foul and blast off with a bag full of good vibes to coast, away from the demons commitments and strangeness that have followed this cruel year 2016 down to the nub. Now comes the hour to rudely ignore the constant stream of messages sent from your overzealous boss; all problems shall be sorted in kind vaguely during the next fiscal quarter, when the calendar reads 2017.

A good plot to be sure, flash out with a knock off pair of sunglasses and the last of the holiday bonus; for freedom and decadence amidst like-minded weirdos.

What better time? However a good weirdo never comes unprepared to the depths of the jungle, the booze vibes could become too rude and shocking to the psyche for those without a kit bag of chaos.

As such, we can only recommend the highest levels of professional strangeness: but only for those willing to commit to the sun soaked jungles of Kilifi.


image courtesy the KilifiNYE Facebook page

Wisdom comes to those with lighters, as do assorted phone numbers. Cigarettes and other fires will need to be lit and some hapless geek will surely jump off the stern of the dhow with the last remaining spark. Therefore, a clever investment will come in the form of an entire bundle of them.

The KilifiNYE team prepares to set the sculpture ablaze. photo by unbound ether photography

The KilifiNYE team prepares to set the sculpture ablaze.
photo by unbound ether photography

One cannot survive the unending beating that the equatorial day entails without several expendable pairs of shades; this will come as welcome respite and help the vibes of music come through to those who seek to receive them.

As you wander through the art and gardens that will surely consume all aspects of your vision, it wouldn’t serve one well to step deeply and horribly and to a thorn half the length of a drumstick, causing you to curse the gods horribly and generally disturbing the positive vibes that otherwise surrounded you.

As with many things in this life we lead, friendships have often been rudely stymied by the presence of never ending sweats sprung forth by a combination of too much pilau, one too many dawas and an overabundance of tropical vibes. In essence, a full suit will be a detriment even under the sanctuary of palm fronds.

This is surely not the party to forget all things one needs to enjoy oneself with utter abandon; for those of you taking the long ride Kilifi sides, all good things come to the prepared.

Dont have your tickets yet? Head over to the #KilifiNYE website here


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