Crazy Moment As Robbers Successfully Use A Photoshoot Idea To Steal 3.5 Million In Nairobi


Two robbers disguised as nuns raided a Forex bureau and made away with a cool 3.5 million. This comes just three months after a team of Nairobi creatives produced a photoshoot with a similar theme. Dubbed THE-WAILING-SISTERS-OF-APOCALYPTA, the hilariously imaginative concept depicted men dressed as nuns-“a stubborn gang of robbers that the police has been hunting for a long time. Their signature being wine, sacrament, prayer and screaming lipstick. And that is what finally sold them out entirely.”

It was therefore fun and trolls as some people started sharing the news in allusion to the photoshoot that featured among other models writer Magunga Williams and actor Elsaphan Njora.

Haaya. Sasa you guys have to narrate this story on Friday before we escort you to central.” said poet Ngartia Bryan as another MC Gufy Dox created a hashtag #FreeMyFriends following the news that some suspects had been arrested early today.

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Whether those robbers got inspiration from the actual photoshoot by the creative director Paushinsky remains a hilarious speculation and banter for another day.