Ciano Maimba Talks New EP, Funny Books and Love For Simsim


Ciano Maimba is a talented singer, guitarist and songwriter doing his thing from Nairobi. He just released a collaborative EP with and we got him to tell us a few things about it.

What’s Serve Chilled about?

Serve Chilled, in a nutshell, is an introspective journey into the human condition, that speaks about innocence, hardship, the power of love and the eventual triumph over hard times..

How did this project come about?

The project started with M-cubed and I just bouncing ideas off each other. He sent me the initial idea for the Earned It track and it took me about a year to give it structure and finally agree to go record it with him. Following good chemistry we had in studio while working on that single,  it birthed the rest of the story around the ideas we had drafted for Earned It. So all though, Earned It is the last song on the E.P despite being the first to be written. But if we go according to the story behind the concept, Earned It comes last in the chronology.

 Musically speaking, What’s in the EP?

Musically speaking the E.P is a mix of my influences and those of M³. Which is everything from hip-hop-influenced beats to jazzy note choices to lush vocal arrangements. I can’t even describe the sound with one word. Unless of course I use the general terms like Alternative or Experimental. But of course we weren‘t just thinking of our influences while coming up with it. Above all, we were focused on serving the story behind it. It just so happened that the best way we knew how to was informed by our musical tastes.

Do you like sim sim?

yah I love sim sim!!

What’s the funniest book you’ve ever read?

That must be Pwagu Na Pwaguzi; collection of short stories about two ridiculous mates. I still have it somewhere in my room.