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We are offering Nairobi businesses or businesses appealing to our audiences the opportunity to rent some space on our site for the purpose of advertising. Our minimum period is 1 month. Prices start from 500KES.


  • Placement within the content on a single page
    • Small 350px x 400px [1000kes per month]
    • Banner 1000px x 100px [2000kes per month]
  • Placement on sidebar (shown on all posts)
    • Small 350px x 150px [1000kes per month]
    • Square 350px x 350px [2000kes per month]
    • Vertical Banner 350px x 600px [3000kes per month]
  • Sitewide placement (Header or Footer)
    • small square 200px x 200px [5000kes per month]
    • Banner 700px x 100px [10,000kes per month]

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