Adulting +254


Adulting – As in growing up or doing grown-up things.

We’ve all been there, or some of us will be soon, at that point in time where your guardians won’t fix everything for you. (If you think it’s a long way away then you might be on the wrong website please check out the Insyder Magazine, they don’t use strong language or explore adult themes there). Becoming an adult is heralded by very many signs. Some as obvious as receiving your first “Wapi rent?” text from your landlord and others as subtle as you realizing you have no idea what the hell your tax returns are and why you need to file them.

“Yeah I recycle my java cups like an adult would” Catherine

My friend Nyambura was confronted by this and many other issues. From trying to find a suitable place to move into to trying to figure out how to balance your budget and your diet without starving yourself. The latter being the most important since apparently flour will soon be more expensive than crude oil. From an initial Facebook post the group has grown to nearly 90 members who are dedicated to helping each other. Yes it’s true there does exist a Facebook group where no-one is trying to sell you sex toys or a plot in Rongai *insert gasp*.
if you can see this you're probably on Zuku. There's supposed to be an image of Patrick failing at adulting
Adulting +254 isn’t just an information portal, the yellow pages exists for that. It is ,as I mentioned earlier, a group of people dedicated to helping each other figure out how to get through life in Nairobi and Kenya without fumbling. Too often we find ourselves overwhelmed, on the verge of breaking down or basically just close to burning out. It’s not only a consequence of newly found adulthood but a consequence of life at any stage. Sometimes the relief of just knowing that you can get your groceries delivered, fruits for cheaper at Marikiti or that a tax expert is willing to help you figure out what that ugly ass KRA website wants you to give the government can release the pressure.

“I mean what is heath insurance? Like what is it really? I get sick then wait till near death before I go see the doctor and even then I’m like…but why?” Me

I think it’s a great concept and if you’re trying to navigate the post-highschool/post-university world here in Kenya remember there’s an entire group of Kenyans just like you willing to help. Fuck that baptism by fire nonsense, no-one said you HAVE to struggle.You aren’t the first person unable to figure out how to pay your water bill, someone went through that. Neither are you the first person who thinks that their landlord is sneaking fucked up clauses into the rental agreement.

It’s not about someone doing your shit for you it’s about helping you get shit done.

Click on the image for a great recipe Nyambura shared for a meal for FOUR PEOPLE USING JUST 120 KSH. Fvck yeah to living on a budget!