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Gai.T’s New EP is About to Fvck Up Everything You Thought About the Kenyan Rap Game!!


I’m done with tired old rappers claiming to ‘own the throne’ in the sad kingdom that is Kenya’s rap game. With the exception of a few people (who barely get radio play) there’s a sickness in our rap game. One that needs to get rectified and part of the cure for it is chaps like Gai.T who take their wealth of life experiences and slam it into music so good you can’t help but think of a musical future so pure and raw. Only rappers like Ras Uneek and the groups like The Posse give me such hope, hope that was ruined by listening to whatever genre of music Jaguar (WTF is this shit?) purports to create.
I’ve only heard two tracks of his upcoming EP, Discarded Dreams and Bad Decisions, (everything’s under wraps for now even for reviewers such as myself) but those two songs are fvcking fire. Gai.T’s style and flow reminds most people who’ve heard the song of Dizzy Wright and Futuristic. In fact Futuristic is a childhood friend of his and I have it on good word that you should expect a four song EP by GaiT and him in the near future.
I can only speculate about the rest if the mixtape but just have a listen to what’s been uploaded so far and give your own opinion in the comment section or on Gai.T’s soundcloud account. Futuristic appears in both songs providing back ground ad libs on Way Too Easy and doing the second verse of Gai.T is a Problem.
Personally Way Too Easy is my favourite, if the seven times I’ve played it over the past few days is any indication. Gai.T is a Problem is prophetic, the Kenyan music industry needs to watch out for the return of a player who has redefined his style and refined the deliverance of his commanding lyrics.

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