vile tu iko | no filta = just the way it is or no filter


Some of our stuff is suitable for those times when you want to read but all you can really do is click, and yet other bits are more like a big Kenyan plate of ugali and stew and you’ll need your reading glasses and a cup of chai.

Our aim is to shine a big fat bright light on all the NRB talent. Hoping the talent forgives our shameless borrowing of their content in that pursuit – in response we link back to their channels on everything – so that others can too. Catch it while you can, some of our stuff does a snapchat and disappears completely when its done.

Nairobi matatus


Nairobi is a hot bed of mixed emotions, cultures, centuries and mindsets. It’s situated in a country where 55% of the population is 15 and under and the income statistics are skewed towards zero by four of the largest slums on the planet residing within its walls.

Education is good but jobs are thin on the ground and often reserved for those who know someone who knows someone. The internet of things and smart phones has slammed 21st century international TV, music, movies, materialism, brands to the man on the street in NRB; in the same way the explosion of car ownership (at all costs) has exploded the traffic jams in the city to an almost permanent standstill.

Out of this miasma and after the sad copy-the-west era, comes the wonderful disruption of new creativity with its own identity. There are movements growing and #NU is about capturing, documenting and enabling the growth of that baby.

vile tu iko | no filta

We try not to editorialize or place our understanding of things on top of what is. We are about #passingthemic to the people concerned, sometimes as observers, sometimes as voices. We aim to get our audience closer to the people and things; to see and hear and read and make its own mind up.

In 2016 the value of brands is in their networks; one of our aims is to #co-promote, to leverage everyones networks for the common good of the people and the creative sector in Nairobi. So we strive to share everyones channels and give our audience heaps of chances to share stuff made in NRB (whether it’s people or things).

We expect this to be a collaborative journey – and we offer an open invite to our audience and the creatives to get involved, send us stuff and have their say.