Over the last decade or so, industry pioneers such as 6:AM Entertainment, and later on Kenya Nights, have managed to carve out a niche for the electronic music scene in Nairobi. Within this niche, there is a new generation of electronic music aficionados in the city – those that crave the deep/tech sound. With Nairobi currently witnessing a musical renaissance of sorts, the scene has had a substantial growth in the number of events and parties that play the sort of music that satisfies the needs of this niche – keeping a selection of deep house, techno, minimal, and similar subgenres pumping out of their speakers on a regular basis.

Perhaps none is as selective with their musical policy as the Temple Nairobi collective – with the emphasis at Temple events being strictly on the music over all else. Temple aims to push a purer underground techno/house sound, with a simple red light decor, well tuned sound system and carefully curated line up for each event.

Nairobi also has a number of fresh producers pushing the deep tech sound, with talents such as Eric K  and Dylan S among many who are constantly churning out quality musical cuts. Collectives such as Midi Minds Kenya are proving to be instrumental in promoting local music production, focusing on the educational and interactive front of music making using seminars and workshops as their main medium.

The energy of the new generation deep tech ravers and artists is phenomenal. The sound has finally arrived in Nairobi, and from the way things stand right now, it is only just the beginning.

Raj El Rey
Raj el Rey
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Raj is a Nairobi based electronic music DJ, producer and enthusiast, with a passion for deep house, techno and soulful dub in particular. Currently a resident DJ at Temple Nairobi and radio DJ at Space Radio.