Creatives Garage For Google Impact Challenge

We are super excited to share with you that Creatives Garage has been selected as a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge.
If you didn’t know, Creatives Garage was our first home when we moved our operations from Ronjey’s bedroom back in 2015.
Their Project, is a Video on Demand platform that seeks to address issues that stifle the creative industry in Kenya. Kalabars focuses on African content, and wants African stories to be told in an African context. We aim to create a residency programme for Digital story tellers to scale up technical and soft skills and offer grants to them to create their stories. The goal is that artists earn from their craft and infuse positively into the larger Kenyan economy.
In the next phase of the Challenge, Creatives Garage have the opportunity to receive more global assistance if you vote for them .They obviously need our collective help!
So kindly vote by clicking on this link (It takes two seconds, promise)
If they win this, they will help us tell your stories, our stories and reclaim the African Narrative.
We’re are excited for opportunity to help create more economic opportunity in our creative community!
Thank you for your support.
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