5 Timeless Shoes That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Adidas Superstars

Why They’re Timeless: Let’s just say they’re so fresh Run DMC sung a whole song in their awesomeness. “me and my Adidas do the illest things”

Who Rocks Them: Russell Simmons, The Rest Of The World


Timberland Boots

Why They’re Timeless: Love or hate them, Timbalands have remained almost the same since BIG  videos in the 90s. Besides their simple industrial/military design, they are also super durable.

Who Rocks Them: Yeezy, Khaligraph Jones, Rihanna, Tom, Dick, Harry



Why They’re Timeless: Originally associated with skateboarding, Vans are simple looking and clean. Also, they go well with shorts, shinnies, skirts etc.

Who Rocks Them: Pharell, Shappaman, Kagwe Mungai


Safari Boots

Why They’re Timeless: Besides a random introduction of colour series that saw me get a pair, these first cousins of Clarks have never changed design since Out Of Africa!

Who Rocks Them: Hiribae, Ellen DeGeneres, Ronjey Rocks, Austin Chimano, Flying Squad



Why They’re Timeless: They are probably as old as the American Constitution. But on a serious note, Chucks go with literally anything. And i’ll prove that on my wedding day-if i ever have one in the first place.

Who Rocks Them: Lana del Rey, Dela, Shafie Weru


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