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Karibuni to the all new #NU. Shamelessly borrowing content to shine a big fat bright light on all the NRB talent. Catch it while you can, some of our stuff does a snapchat and disappears completely when it’s done.

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We’re finally able to take down the video of our founder Ronjey and put up more of Jamhuri Fest’s goodness.
Suzziah ,who is featured in this episode from three weeks ago, has a voice that is so layered and beautiful it’s as if it’s coming from a disembodied goddess and not your speakers. She covers Sanaipei Tande’s steamy single “Mfalme wa Mapenzi” in a unique style and rendition, accompanied by Matthew on electric guitar.
As usual Jamhuri Jam Sessions DOES NOT own copyright to these songs.
Audio by: Polycarp “Fancy Fingers” Otieno
Video by: VJ One

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Sarabi Studio Session Exclusive

Mandela of Sarabi, laying down the vocals in this studio session for their new album, expected to be released later this year. Other vocals from Bella Were, and Sam Jones of Soundthread in the producers booth. Recorded at The Elephant Studio

Video footage : Joose Digital

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